What Makes a GarMa watch unique?

As the owner of a GarMa watch, here's what makes your style unique.

1. Tall watch case

All GarMa watches are characterized by their tall watch case. This feature adds a contemporary styling that makes your watch stand out.


2. Straps fitted to the watch case 

The straps on our watches are fitted directly into the watch case. This makes the watch case appear larger and provides for a salient appearance on your wrist.

3. Minimalistic design

Our watches are inspired by the Scandinavian design trend of pure minimalism. Simple and elegant designs that are straight-forward beautiful.

4. Unisex timepieces

A GarMa watch makes no distinction. Our designs are universally fit to men and women alike.

5. Affordability

Most watch brands charge significant premiums on their watches. At GarMa, we believe everyone deserves a wonderful watch at a reasonable price.  





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